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Lightwave Tutorials On The Web Very good site with a large collection of tutorials & links. This is where I got started.

Flay.Com  This is a really good Lightwave site.  Lots of resources here.

Renderosity  A very good site with tons of downloads though some cost money.  The site is a 3d artist community and is mainly focused around Poser although it has tutorials and downloads for Lightwave as well.

Lightwave World  Lots of high quality Lightwave stuff here. I like their idea for the layout too ;).

Lightwave Links  A large collection of Lightwave related links.

NewTek  Let's not forget NewTek, the official LightWave site.

Digital Producer  Digital Producer Magazine. They have a lot of nice stuff.

CG Channel  Another good site.

Digital Animators  Not a whole lot of Lightwave stuff but some good 3d stuff here too.

3D Total  A decent site with several objects you can download for free.  Mostly 3DS but you can import those.

3D Links  A good site with lots of 3D related stuff. There isn't a whole lot of Lightwave stuff here though.

3D Cafe  A very good site with LOTS of objects to download for free.

Texture Cube  A cool site with lots of free textures to download.

Lightwave NewsGroups: alt.binaries.3d.lightwave / ( Also be sure to check out the Lightwave forums on NewTek's site they are really good. )

    If I left out any good ones be sure to let me know.  I'll add more as I find them.